PCB Design

Design services

Suntak brings together the industry advanced professionals, provides more professional and reliable service. We pay attention to the cost and production cycle, and devote to providing design, production one-stop and high efficiency service for customers. 

Market Positioning

Customer-oriented and market-oriented, we provide you with 24-hour order service and 24-hour engineering technical support without the influence of time difference, and give you the most satisfactory delivery promise。

One Stop Solution

  • For more than 20 years we focus on providing high quality circuit boards and timely satisfactory service

  • PCB industry experienced professional design, research and development, lean production, quality management team

  • 24 hours engineering support from conceptual design to mass production

  • Design material selection, manufacturability evaluation, product design principles, optimal cost proposal

Service Areas

More than 70% of the company's products are exported to overseas markets, serving foreign high-tech enterprises and equipment manufacturing industry.The company's products in the world each region market development balance, anti - risk ability is strong.

  • Communication

  • Industrial 

  • Power 

  • Medical

  • Security

  • Consumer

  • Server

  • Automotive