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Suntak technology won CommScope's “Quality Excellence Award"


On November 10, 2021, CommScope Asia Pacific Supplier Quality summit was successfully held, and Suntak technology won the “Quality Excellence Award” issued by CommScope. (CommScope,the largest high-performance electronics manufacturer in the world,has a world leading position in the design and production of communication network products).

Affected by the epidemic, the meeting was held online by video. Heads of core suppliers, as well as Boris and kokotovic, senior vice president of quality of CommScope, and Boris and kokotovic, chief procurement officer of CommScope,attended this CommScope supplier conference. And they delivered keynote speeches on the importance of supply chain management and quality management. Suntak technology, as a core PCB supplier of CommScope, attended this conference.

At the meeting, in order to thank the suppliers for their strong support, CommScope awarded three awards,the Quality Innovation Award,the Quality Excellence Award and the Quality Progress Award for excellent quality management suppliers. Our company has cooperated with CommScope for the first time since April 2012. Through long-term research and exploration of communication products, we stand out from 488 suppliers in this evaluation and won the Quality Excellence Award“ in 2021. This time, our company is the only PCB supplier among all award-winning suppliers. Mr Chu,general manager of our group quality center, and Mr Wang, senior manager of key customer service, received the award on behalf of our company.

In order to provide more perfect services for CommScope, our company has carried out quality service reform, arranged designated personnel of the group to provide special quality service, and solved quality consultation, feedback and complaints for customers since 2019. Every year, CommScope conducts comprehensive assessment on our company from multiple dimensions. In 2021, our company achieved the quality target with 0 customer complaint.

The award is inseparable from the efforts of all members of Suntak! We are honored to be awarded this prestigious award by CommScope. Thanks for their recognition of this important strategic partnership.,We will continue to work hard to maintain our achievements in the future.