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Suntak technology won the Best Delivery Support Award of ZTE


From November 3 to 4, 2021, the "ZTE 2022 Global Partner Conference with the theme of "prospering the future" was successfully held in Shenzhen. More than 300 heads of strategic and core suppliers worldwide and relevant senior executives of ZTE attended and delivered keynote speeches on "smart and simple" digital quality management, 5G application, mobile terminal products, supply chain management, etc. Suntak participated in the conference as ZTE's PCB core supplier.

At the meeting, in order to thank the suppliers for their strong support, ZTE awarded a number of honorary awards for excellent suppliers, such as “Gold Customer Manager, Gold Quality Manager, the Best Service Support Award, the Best Delivery Support Award, the Best Technological Innovation Award, the Best Quality Performance Award, the Best Comprehensive Performance Award and Global Best Partner,etc". We company won the Best Delivery Support Award, which was received by Ms. Peng, our senior vice president.

Since March 2020, in order to undertake ZTE 5G project better and successfully complete the delivery of PCB products, our technology center has established a special team with Ms. Peng as the first responsible person, including heads of R&D department, manufacturing department, business planning department, procurement department, finance department, sales department and quality department, aiming at meeting customer needs in an all-round way and providing high-quality products and services in raw materials,technology,cost,quality and business.

This meeting deepened the mutual understanding and trust between us company and ZTE, and strengthened the vision and expectation of future cooperation. The honor won this time is not only the affirmation of Suntak people who have been "customer-centered, striver oriented, long-term hard struggle and self-criticism" since 2021, but also an important recognition of our strategic transformation. We hope that in the future cooperation, we both can continue to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results and continue to grow!