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Technology’s Appearance on South China Circuit Board International Trade and Procurement Fair



On November 3, 2020, South China Circuit Board International Trade and Procurement Fair was solemnly opened in Shenzhen World Convention % Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Pavilion) and lasted for 3 days. Suntak Technology made its appearance with mobile phone HDI board, car plate, small spacing LED board and other companies' cutting-edge products on the Fair.


South China Circuit Board International Trade and Procurement Fair is a professional circuit board fair jointly launched by Guangdong Printed Circuit Association (GPCA) and Munich Exhibition. The Fair was held simultaneously with Munich South China Electronics Exhibition, Munich South China Electronics Production Equipment Exhibition, South China International Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition and VisionChina (Shenzhen). At the five exhibitions, intelligent manufacturing resonated with the whole industrial chain of electronic innovation to create a professional, high-quality and one-stop procurement platform.


Through the complete industrial chain demonstration from components to system integration scheme, this Fair provides the industry optimal solution, opens up the upstream and downstream industry, and makes every effort to construct the global PCB factory direct production platform. Suntak Technology’s corporate image has been well displayed in this Fair through excellent product display, good booth image, professional technical solutions and warm reception. While publicizing and strengthening the external image of the company, it also promotes the communication between the company and the external market.


As a well-known PCB manufacturing and service enterprise at home and abroad, Suntak Technology specializes in serving customers in the fields of communication equipment, mobile phones and automotive electronics. Suntak Technology and the domestic PCB counterparts’ appearance on the Fair is a good display of PCB industry in South China, as well as an excellent exchange platform among PCB enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises. It is believed that the Fair will promote the better and orderly development of PCB and electronics industry in South China.