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Suntak won the Supplier Performance Recognition Award from Bosch (Zhuhai)


On November 14, 2019, Suntak Technology won the "Supplier Performance Recognition" award from Bosch (Zhuhai) Security Systems. Suntak was the only PCB supplier winning the award in this supplier day of Bosch(Zhuhai).


This is the second time Bosch held a Supplier Day since the cooperation between Bosch (Zhuhai) and Suntak began in 2008. The theme of this Supplier Day is "Industrialization Supply Chain Excellence With Passion Innovation". 40 core suppliers from more than 480 suppliers attended the conference, and 6 suppliers won the "Supplier Performance Recognition " award. 8 PCB enterprises were invited to participate in this supplier conference,only Suntak won this award.

As a core PCB supplier of Bosch (Zhuhai), Suntak Technology has cooperated with Bosch (Zhuhai) for more than 10 years, mainly providing various PCB products for Bosch (Zhuhai), including single and double-sided board, multilayer board, golden finger board and other printed circuit boards. PCB carrying and connecting various electronic components to realize the electronic system functions, and is an essential key component in all electronic products. For a long time, Bosch (Zhuhai) has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Suntak for common development and growth.



About Bosch (Zhuhai)

Bosch (Zhuhai) Security System Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary and main production base of Bosch Security Co., Ltd. under Bosch group. Bosch Security Co., Ltd. has always been a leader in security and communication industry. In Europe, America and Asia Pacific, it is the leading supplier of security and communication products. The product business includes video monitoring, building intercom system, conference system, public address system, etc. In addition to its security products business, Bosch Group is the world's leading supplier of automotive electronics and industrial control electronic products, a very famous multinational company ranked 77 in the Fortune Global 500 of 2018.