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Suntak technology won the semiconductor and components of the top 50 enterprises


In the list of "top 50 semiconductor and components companies in 2019" released in October 2019, Suntak technology has a prominent name, ranking 19th, which is a manifestation of the hard power of Suntak technology and also an affirmation of the past strength of Suntak technology. This middle ranking also means that Suntak technology has room to climb up.

Since the "third industrial revolution", the power of science and technology has become the most powerful expression of state power. The competition between China and the United States cannot be separated from the competition in core technologies. The escalating trade frictions between China and the United States over "chips" have strengthened China's determination to develop the semiconductor industry independently.

For some time to come, semiconductors will be a national priority. As a member of this field, Suntak technology refuses to be left behind, and keeps building up its technology in PCB industry while expanding into other fields. Acquire or build new plants to produce products other than existing ones. Suntak technology is not limited to the existing single panel, high and multi-layer hard plate, HDI plate, soft and hard combination plate and other superior products, at the same time in the "chip" field has also set up a factory in Nantong, Jiangsu, ready to put into production "IC plate".

As the carrier foundation of "chip", the development of semiconductor is urgent. The progress of semiconductor cannot be separated from the progress of the government of this country and the industry in this field. After experiencing the "ZTE incident in 2018", we are more aware of the serious weakness of China in this key technology field. Every patriotic semiconductor enterprises should realize that we urgently need to develop technology, do not struggle for tone, with quality and technology to create the loudest slogan, so that technology is no longer a semiconductor enterprise barriers.

Catch up to the curve overtake, the cure "core pain" may take a period of time. as one of the top 50 enterprises in the industry, Suntak technology is not only developing and improving its own technology and system, but also making progress with various suppliers and customers in the chip industry chain. only when the whole industrial chain is in line with the world level, can we not "rely on others" and be held by others, so that we can become a leader in the field and even master the "ups and downs" of chip development in other countries.

Suntak technology always believes that technology and quality are the important magic weapon for a strong country and a strong enterprise. In this technological war without smoke, Suntak technology constantly strengthens individual combat capability, but also does not ignore the team progress of the industrial chain. In recent years, Suntak technology has continuously introduced high-tech talents, focusing on technology research and development and innovation, and started to show its presence in those scientific and technological projects that shine on the world platform.


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