Suntak million grants help poor students become talents


On February 14, 2018, the annual school-level award presentation ceremony of central south university was held in the lecture hall of the science and education building of central south university in Changsha. Mr Yu , vice President of the group, attended the award presentation ceremony and presented certificates to the student representatives who received the "Suntak bursant".

Central south university party committee standing committee, executive deputy secretary Tao lijian and other school leaders attended and spoke.

Junior Suo ting, winner of the "Suntak bursant", spoke on behalf of all the student representatives of the university and thanked Suntak。

In order to promote the development of education and cultivate outstanding talents, Suntak technology invested 1.14 million to set up "Suntak bursant" in central south university and Wuhan university of technology, aiming to subsidize outstanding poor students and help them complete their studies.


General manager Yu, director Zhang and the winning representative of the group photo

This year, 72 students were selected from central south university and 112 students from Wuhan university of technology after strict evaluation by the school and Suntak company. The funding amount of the two schools was 6,500 yuan and 6,000 yuan respectively.

In the afternoon, the school organized a special exchange forum for the students who won the "Suntak bursary". At the meeting, director general Yu and director Zhang rentao had a full and friendly interaction with the students, and Shared the development history, corporate culture, talent development and other contents of Suntak encouraging the students to study hard in the best years, persist in struggle and scale the peak, and make positive contributions to the country and the society in the future.


Exchange seminar for students receiving the "Suntak bursary"

The majority of award-winning students expressed their gratitude to the company for its good deeds and expressed that they would study harder and repay the country and society with more excellent studies.

"Progress and sharing" is one of the core values of Suntak corporate culture.In recent years, Suntak company in the rapid development, actively share with internal staff at the same time, also do not forget to share the results of enterprise development with the society.

The company has set up the Suntak public welfare fund, which has invested nearly 10 million yuan in the construction of Suntak hope primary school, the construction of Yandi mausoleum, the help of brave samaritants, and the development of surrounding rural areas.

Suntak company will continue to increase the investment in social welfare undertakings, and make its own contribution to the targeted poverty alleviation and the construction of a happy and harmonious society.