Company Profile

Suntak Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in Shenzhen in 1995, Suntak Technology is a listed company specializing in the production of circuit boards. And it has seven high-tech intelligent plants manufacturing circuit board in Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Dalian and Suzhou. Products are widely used in mobile phones, computers, automotives, communication equipment, servers, industrial control and other electronic information fields. Adhering to the mission of focusing on the pressure and challenges of customers in the field of electronic information, we provide customers with competitive circuit boards and services, and continuously create maximum value for customers. Adhering to customer achievement, hard work, openness, innovation and self-criticism,Suntak will grow into a world leading circuit board manufacturing enterprise.
  • 1995


  •   7500 K ㎡

    Year Capacity

  • 5000 +

    Number of employees

Enterprise Culture

  • Vision

    Become a world-leading manufacturer of electronic circuits.
  • Mission

    Focus on the pressure and challenges of customers in electronic information field,Provide customers with competitive circuit board and services,Create maximum value for customers constantly.
  • Values

    Serve customers, make tremendous endeavors to promote opening and innovation, and self-criticism.


  • 2022

    Zhuhai Suntak HDI plant ( under construction )
    Zhuhai Suntak high-layer board plant( under construction )
    Acquired 9% share of SDG,total 49%

  • 2021

    Zhuhai Suntak F1 started production
    Zhuhai Suntak HDI plant
    ( under construction )
    Zhuhai Suntak high-layer board plant
    ( under construction )

  • 2020

    Zhuhai Factory Put Into Operation
    Acquired 48.85% share of Provision

  • 2019

    Acquired 40% share of Provision
    Acquired 40% share of SDG

  • 2018

    Honored Shenzhen Major Quality Award (Encouragement Award)

  • 2017

    Suntak Technology Selected as One of 500 Most Valuable Brands in China with Brand Value of RMB4.168 Billion in 2017

  • 2016

    Suntak Technology Listed
    Won the Second Prize in The Guangdong Science & Technology Award

Offices & Plants

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    Fields: Communication Equipment、Server Storage、Military / Aerospace、Medical

    Product :8-64L

    Monthly capacity : 60,000 ㎡

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    Fields: Industry Control

    Product :4-16L

    Monthly capacity :120,000 ㎡

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    Jiangmen HDI Plant

    Area: 68,000 ㎡

    Employee: 808

    Applications: Mobile Phone 、 Wearable Devices

    Monthly Capacity : 60,000㎡

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    Changxing Suntak

    Fields:Household Electrical Appliances、Office Equipment

    Product :Rigid

    Monthly capacity :90,000㎡

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    Jinzhou Suntak

    Fields:Industry Control、Automotives

    Product :4-12L

    Monthly capacity :120,000 ㎡